We deliver versatile solutions for analyzing large volumes of data - even across facilities

Big Data analytics across the entire value chain is a strong argument in this era of IIoT. Whatever the data set size, and regardless of the manufacturer, type, and model of your plant and machinery: we supply proven, flexible solutions for real-time data analysis – and to any number of facilities around the world.



Five stages of data analysis in IIoT

Get to know the five stages of IIoT data analysis. Learn how to build your IIoT strategy, step by step.


Challenges and solutions illustrated with simple, practical case studies

Learn more about industrial Internet of Things analytics in a variety of business sectors ...


IIoT: Profiting from data analytics

Understand the analysis potential inherent in IIoT and start optimizing your business processes profitably for the future with the real-time analysis of huge data sets offered by our solutions.


Optimal use of data
as a 'resource'


Discover the potential for data analysis offered by our solutions and enjoy long-term benefits.

  • Greater transparency and intelligent information
  • Improved processes and production efficiency
  • Less downtime plus preventive maintenance
  • Higher levels of production and product quality
  • Lower costs – more profit
  • Better safety and automated compliance audits

New IIoT strategies

  • Proactive, rapid decision-making for production and distribution
  • Control data is processed intelligently by learning plant and machinery
  • React flexibly to the market
  • Develop new products, services, and business models

The power of data:
Manufacturers in the era of IIoT.
How manufacturers can benefit from the evolution of IIoT: Read more in an article, published in the journal IM+io / magazine for innovation, organisation, and management.

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Setting the scene for technical progress now
to remain competitive onwards.